Underleague Prototype Print and Play


Print and Play Instructions


(Colour) Strategy Cards: Schemes, Equipment

(Colour) Creature Cards: Constructs, Beasts, Spirits

(Black and White) Cards: Creatures, Schemes, Equipment

We have provided here both colour and black and white prototype versions of all of the cards in the game. To keep file sizes manageable, the full-colour Strategy card documents contain 1 copy of each unique card. Please refer to the instructions document for printing quantities. We suggest you use the 'print multiple pages per sheet' option of your PDF reader to print efficiently.

The black and white documents contain the full number of cards required for a complete Strategy deck. To have a complete game set, you will need to print:

  • One copy of the Schemes document
  • One copy of the Equipment document
  • One copy of the Creatures document per player